About the Animals Created by Allah

About the Animals Created by Allah

About the Animals Created by Allah

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May 17, 2024

About the Animals Created by Allah

The Prophet Khidr approached me and handed me a glass of water. Then he said,

"O Ahmad, drink this, may it relieve your pain, thirst, and hunger. Do not delay your sleep, eating, and drinking unless you are fasting. Truly, thinking about your boat is not done in this manner. Fasting is better for you than delaying eating, drinking, and sleeping in carrying out the trust of Allah (writing the book and reading it again).

O Ahmad, I have come to you with news about the animals created by Allah. Write and inform the Ummah of the Noble Prophet Muhammad so that they may know.

O Ahmad, there are nine hundred and ninety-nine billion types of animals that Allah has created. Some are in the water, some are on land, some are in between, some have wings, some live in the soil, some live on plants (trees), some live on the bodies of animals on the surface and inside them, some live in the human body, and some Allah created on a distant planet up there.

O Ahmad, Allah created the animals once in a time at the beginning of His creation. Allah determined their quantities: some became food for others, some became food for humans, some became a test for humans, some became guardians, and some became vehicles and tools for humans.

O Ahmad, Allah has determined the lifespan of animals according to the number of blessings He has determined, such as in a mosquito that has fourteen parts of its body, each of which has a hundred signs (tools that function for the mosquito's needs) until the mosquito for fourteen days praises Allah for fourteen thousand blessings a day (on the flapping of its wings), then it will die. So it is with other animals, they have a level of age according to the number of tasbih that Allah stipulates over them, and Allah extended the life of the fish that once prophesied with my brother Prophet Yunus AS, as a sign of Allah's power on earth. Such is the decree of Allah over the world.

O Ahmad, do you know the animals that are on the highest planet? Indeed, Allah made them as predators on the Day of Resurrection, being a predator for the garbage of the sky brought by humans, they have wings and some are like fish that swim on the surface of the sky quickly, indeed if humans are able to reach it, there will be no way back unless they die and become prey to these animals.

O Ahmad, indeed the Qur'an has explained all of Allah's creations perfectly. Do they still doubt it? It is a real humiliation for the servant of Allah who reads the Qur'an only for the lust of the world and crazy praise.

O Ahmad, remain patient with all the traits and attitudes of your followers. Indeed, Allah knows what they hope for and what they seek. Continue to follow Allah's command so that they understand that Allah is the Most Merciful and the Most Giving of power. Allah wants to make eight out of your forty followers the best early examples in your boat. Let them be patient and do not despair.

O Ahmad, truly the women on your boat are still the best in Allah's sight compared to the men on your boat. Let them be patient and steadfast in sincerity, becoming pious wives and always improving themselves in the sight of Allah and their spouses. This will bring Allah's help and mercy to them more quickly.

O Ahmad, prepare yourself to lead four of your followers to their destiny.

Ahmad Al-Makhfiy

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