Prophet Khidr Explains About God

Prophet Khidr Explains About God

Prophet Khidr Explains About God

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May 16, 2024

Prophet Khidr Explains About God

This morning, Prophet Khidr, with a different appearance, came to me and said:

"O Ahmad, Allah the Almighty has asked me to explain to you about Him. Truly, in this end time, Allah greatly despises those who speak about His essence and substance, while they have read the Qur'an and some have been elevated by a drop of knowledge that Allah has entrusted to them. Indeed, their tongues are bound to their stomachs and the devil’s rope between their thighs. Thus, they speak about Allah while not realizing that the devil has embraced and controlled their 'clothes' and their heads.

"O Ahmad, write down that Allah the Almighty cannot be likened to anything. It is forbidden by Him to attribute the word “body” to Him. Truly, no human has power or knowledge about His essence. Some of those who wear the clothing of scholars and appear learned have diminished their own status in relation to Allah, and some have included themselves among those who associate partners with Allah by claiming that Allah has feet, hands, and a head.

"O Ahmad, Allah the Almighty bears the Most Perfect and Most Clear Names. It is very clear that Allah is not like His creation in any way. Allah bears beautiful names as indications of His attributes. Truly, Allah encompasses everything, even the 'veins of the neck' of humans are in His grasp.

"Indeed, Allah has the power to sever the veins in their necks until the veins in their heads (brain stem) die, or Allah returns them to the world after preserving them in their death (when sleeping, Allah turns a person while they sleep and maintains their breath and heartbeat, which always submit to Allah). And Allah has decreed that the sleep of all His creatures (jinn, humans, and animals) is a form of preservation and maintenance/repair of the substance of the person who sleeps.

"O Ahmad, write that the Creator is not the same as the creation, and Allah is the Highest above the high, and no intellect or knowledge of humans can reach the Throne, nor can they perceive and describe His Chair. Truly, those who debate about the place and which part Allah the Almighty is in, their state will be very despicable on the Day of Reckoning.

"O Ahmad, write that Allah the Almighty has allowed me to meet your grandfather in my dream. He, the Noble Prophet Muhammad SAW, said, 'O Khidr, my wise brother, truly what I feared and dreaded has happened in the time of my grandson Ahmad Al-Makhfiy, namely the people who understand and read the Qur'an on their pulpits, but their tongues have caused "swords" to be drawn and their words have belittled the Qur'an, meaning they accuse others of being disbelievers and polytheists while they themselves are more despicable than what they accuse their brothers of being. They are the Khawarij, some of whom memorize the Qur'an and then place it behind their backs, with sharp fingers slandering their brothers as misguided and disbelievers. I, Muhammad, will turn away from them on the Day of Reckoning.'

"O Ahmad, write that Allah intends to elevate the ranks of some of your followers with wealth. Let them remain as generous servants of Allah and always be happy to sit with the poor and orphans. And some of your followers have been blessed by Allah in their fields. Let them study its knowledge until I, Balya bin Malkan, come to their fields, and by Allah's will, their crops will flourish. And let them not be ungrateful and arrogant as the people of the past. Truly, Allah's wrath is evident upon them. I have witnessed the weariness of their hearts and selves, drowning in arrogance and narrow heartedness with envy as the devil mentioned to them.

"Until one day, the earth and the wind that bring plague will strike the fields of those who are arrogant until they dry up, and some are returned by Allah into the earth. Truly, their trade is a loss, some lamenting the water that silenced their trade. That is because of their ignorance and arrogance.

"O Ahmad, truly under the new and proud city, cracks have appeared within it. You must warn your followers who intend to live and settle there.

"Ignore those who claim I have died and am merely a legend. Truly, Allah has decreed for them that they will fall from their 'seats,' and their disgrace will be revealed. Do they think that saying things they have never understood will not be held accountable in this world and the hereafter? If that is their state, I, Balya bin Malkan, with Allah's permission and decree, will come to them with the red stone that Prophet Ilyas, my brother, gave in your presence.

"O Ahmad, tell the leaders of the land of Arkhabil to keep the Khawarij away from their lands."

Ahmad Al-Makhfiy

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