Houses and Farms That Need Care

Houses and Farms That Need Care

Houses and Farms That Need Care

May 14, 2024 

Houses and Farms That Need Care

Prophet Khidr AS came to me between the first dawn and the second dawn before the morning prayer.

“O Ahmad, pause your dhikr (remembrance of Allah) with your busyness among your pets. Truly, Allah has given me news to convey to you.

O Ahmad, do not despair in erasing all your sins with istighfar (seeking forgiveness) and always do good with akhlaqulkarimah. Do not tire of Allah’s commands, and do not be saddened by your house having to be shared with your pets, for Allah will bring you help with the best intentions of your followers behind you. Truly, they are sincere servants of Allah who will reap happiness and blessings for their care for you and your pets. Hasn’t there been some good news since they have been with you? Do not worry about those who have left but love and respect those who are still with you. Indeed, their numbers have not decreased but have even increased among those who ‘sit’ with you.

O Ahmad, the news I will convey is about the vast fields neglected by some of your followers. Truly, if they maintain and take care of them and plant the three trees I will mention, they will reap blessings and become the foremost in agriculture with those three trees. Truly, Allah loves His servants who are grateful, maintain and take care of their fields until they bring benefits and blessings for themselves and those around them.

Know that you should not question Allah why your life is not peaceful and why the blessings in your efforts are decreasing, for one of the barriers to Allah’s mercy and blessings is the presence of your wealth that has not had its zakat paid, or the presence of empty houses and fields without any benefit (empty and unmaintained).

O Ahmad, remain istiqomah in hiding and isolation. Truly, it is not you who should be seen and known by them, but the news and advice that you convey, which they must understand and recognize who truly gives the news and advice. Indeed, Allah intends to test them and give a warning so that they return to the path that Allah blesses, and so they stop their greed, arrogance, and enmity.

O Ahmad, convey that those who quarrel about lineage and feel superior to others, truly Allah records them as the losers in the hereafter. They do not realize that their state is very futile in the eyes of the inhabitants of the heavens and the martyrs and the righteous who are with Allah. Indeed, they are being played by Satan and his allies, so that their enmity becomes more apparent, leading to clear division, which will harm future generations of Muslims.

O Ahmad, truly Allah has shown me that some people in distant lands have been paying attention to what you convey, and a scholar and several people in China are studying the news you convey, as well as in several other countries far from your land. Say that you are not as they imagine, and the news from you is not your own desire but Allah’s will, which they must believe in and worship. That what you write truly comes from Allah and His Messenger. What I convey to you is by Allah’s permission. Truly, if they wish to study and test with injustice, Allah will give a warning to their land and test them. Say that truly the tools they will raise to the sky will face the ‘wall and stick’ in your hand. And some of what orbits in the sky will fall to the earth. That is what will happen as proof of the truth of what you write.

O Ahmad, a scholar has researched the water of Ainul Hayat that they obtained from some of your followers. Say, truly that water is absolutely from Allah, and some of your followers have received blessings from it, and Allah will revive those who have long lain powerless in the land of the Prophets with the stick and water in your hand if they desire it and if they are not too late to realize it. Truly, that is very easy for Allah as proof of His power and as proof of the truth you bring.

O Ahmad, be patient until Allah proves it. Do not despair in carrying out His trust. Remain on the straight path, and Allah will reward every good deed and show His power to those who envy and spite you if you maintain piety, patience, and sincerity in carrying out the trust. Remain where you are until I inform you of your next journey time. Do not doubt or fear. For those who come and walk with you are sincere people striving with you.

Ahmad Al-Makhfiy

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