About Islamic Leaders And The Lunar Eclipse In The Month Of Ramadan 2024

About Islamic Leaders And The Lunar Eclipse In The Month Of Ramadan 2024

About Islamic Leaders And The Lunar Eclipse In The Month Of Ramadan 2024

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About Islamic Leaders And The Lunar Eclipse In The Month Of Ramadan 2024

This morning Prophet Khidr a.s came to me, he said,

"Oh Ahmad, haven't some of your followers heard and witnessed, when Allah asked me to convey to you, so that you stand and dhikr by the sea day and night, for two days yesterday, and I became the imam for you in that prayer.”

And I said, "Allah will lighten the sky and calm the sea and the sun will shine beautifully as long as you are there, then hold yourself by the sea and the mountain for two days.

And when you arrive at your home, then your city will Allah send rain and thunder and rain storms back in the sky, and half of the land of your birth is covered with dark clouds and rain, do they still consider you a liar...?

Oh Ahmad, are they still not paying attention while you are by the sea? I am truly telling you, there have been three stones from the sky spinning today until the end of Ramadhan and are they liars and envious people able to see all that? (Prophet Khidr a.s pointed to the sky, how beautiful are the three sky stones that lead to the earth and rotate).

So go up to the place that I have told you with some of your followers, and read your letter on that hill, the moon will be covered for a few moments, and the sun will approach the earth but dense clouds will cover it, then a rumble will be heard and the walls those they are proud will shaking, and the stones of the sky and the shining stars will indeed be seen by them.

Oh Ahmad, read that letter, truly the Noble Prophet Muhammad will always pay attention to you, until Allah shakes the hearts of some leaders with the reading of your letter.

Oh Ahmad, Allah, the All-Wise, has made the liars more foolish and revealed their folly, who stole and imitated you in haste, did they consider Allah's order about your letter for kings and leaders to be a letter like they did with intentions are ahead of you, until you see that they are stupid and their followers are divided and blame each other, it is really not the same what Allah will show with you and what they will show with their worldly lust.

Oh Ahmad, as Allah has allowed me to give ******* to you, then if they say there will be a lunar eclipse then do ******** until the day they look forward to the lunar eclipse, and then they do not see the eclipse happen. But if they say the eclipse of the moon did not happen, then do it ******** the next day until all eyes look at the beauty of the eclipse. Allah really wants to show His power with your *****, so that they don't criticize and lie about what I told you.

Oh Ahmad, I will be with you above that ***** in witnessing and hearing your voice in reading letters to the leaders, until some kings fell from their chairs and thought your voice came from the wall next to their chairs, and clearly Allah SWT hearing your name and the sentence ***************, are they liars capable of doing what Allah wants?

It is foolishness for those whose eyes are closed with their minds full of knowledge but closed by pride.

Oh Ahmad, I am Khidr, who has never met someone without the will and command of Allah, nor have I met someone who recited a prayer or spell to meet me, indeed they have lied in my name, indeed Allah has allowed me to come to them after lying their death, and Allah allowed me to speak with the spirit on their graves and I always said "Oh servant of Allah, I am Khidr whom you lie about in my name, whose lies have led many of your own brothers and sisters astray.

Oh Ahmad, convey and write all this, and Allah has also permitted me to say this, "Oh liars who use my name, I am Balya bin Malkan, will not accept your apology until you are able to make up for it with sincere repentance, and announce it until all the people who have been deceived by your lies return to the path of Allah with the correct sharia, or you really want me to come to you with your mouths covered with dirt later...!"

Oh Ahmad, write it down, and keep your heart strong by following Allah's orders as Al-Makhfiy, because Allah knows what is best for me and you.

-Ahmad F. bin Abdullah Alwie Syams- 

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