Two Horns of the Devil: 'Khawarij' and 'Rafidhah'

Two Horns of the Devil: 'Khawarij' and 'Rafidhah'

Two Horns of the Devil: 'Khawarij' and 'Rafidhah'

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Two Horns of the Devil: 'Khawarij' and 'Rafidhah'

Prophet Khidr a.s came to me in the middle of my sleep between Mecca and Medina. He approached me and said: "Wake up and do the Dhuha prayer, and sit with me here. I want to convey to you the trust that the Messenger of Allah gave me in my dream last night.

Oh Ahmad, indeed the Messenger of Allah has given a warning about the two horns of the devil that will appear at the end of time. Do you know, Ahmad, that in the land of Arkhabil there cannot be two teachings brought by those who were signaled by the Prophet with the two horns of the devil..? Namely the 'Rafidhah' and 'Khawarij' groups, and the Prophet said:

"O my brother Khidr, convey my greetings and my advice to Ahmad, which is about the two groups that have always caused damage from the past until now. It is their group that likes to create war and enmity in the midst of the human race. If their number is small, their mouths will be as sweet as honey, ‘As-Sidr' and honey from Misri, and they are good at scheming, with their scheming three of my best friends were martyred and my two favorite grandsons were also martyred.”

"Oh my brother Khidr, let my grandson Ahmad know about these two groups in his time and in his country, because he does not know the meaning of 'Khawarij' and 'Rafidhah' well, while it is this group that caused the destruction and collapse of Hamid's rule (Ottoman Turkey) , really at this moment even my Hamid is sad in my lap seeing that his homeland is no longer white and green."

"Oh Khidr, tell Ahmad that he is really able to exercise patience in conveying whatever God wants to be conveyed to all of my ummah. And ignore the 'False Prophets' and the question of 'Imam Mahdi' because it is the Khawarij and Rafidhah who lead the my ummah's mind all towards division and empty dreams about Imam Mahdi and seems like, so easily they (Khawarij and Rafidhah) split the harmony and peace, and indeed the Devil and the Dajjal love them and have used them to destroy the human race."

"Oh my brother Khidr, I am Muhammad the Messenger of Allah, I only want my Ummah to enter the paradise of Allah with me, will not enter the paradise of Allah for those who spread enmity and hatred towards my 'Ahlul Bait' who follow my Sunnah, and who hate my wives and My friends that God has built a beautiful palace in heaven. And I want them all to be spared from the wrath of Allah that will fall on their land and from under them and be kept away from the slander of the Devil and the Dajjal.”

"Oh Khidr, tell Ahmad that I am Muhammad the Messenger of Allah, the guarantor of intercession for all my ummah, and tell Ahmad that it is true that 'Al Makhfiy' is true in his title, and that the liars who use my name and the name of my grandson, who insult me and insult my grandson , who slandered me and slandered my grandson, I will not give 'Intercession' to them and I turn away from them.”

"Oh my brother Khidr, I Muhammad the Messenger of Allah asked him to write down everything I said, until it reached the ears of the leaders, indeed I Muhammad knew the heart of my Hidden Grandson, Ahmad Al-Makhfiy.”

"Oh Khidr, say to Ahmad, if they ask the truth of the Nasab of my grandson Ahmad, tell them that I, Muhammad, know all the children of my descendants from their morality and patience, and that I, Muhammad, the Messenger of Allah, will turn to them later in the 'Yaumul Qiyamah' to anyone who hates him.”

"Oh my brother Khidr, tell Ahmad, I am Muhammad the Messenger of Allah, God has informed me that some of the kingdom's relatives and leaders, and the scholars (Ulama) in the land of 'Arkhabil' have heard and seen what Ahmad said. And let them help their country from the destruction that will befall their country, let them listen to the advice and news and practice it. Indeed Ahmad is not a liar.”

Ahmad Al-Makhfiy

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