God's Threat to the Arrogant & Exceeding the Limits

God's Threat to the Arrogant & Exceeding the Limits

God's Threat to the Arrogant & Exceeding the Limits

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On May 21, 2024

God's Threat to the Arrogant & Exceeding the Limits

Prophet Khidr came to me this afternoon. With some urgency, he said:

"Oh Ahmad, write and announce to the entire Ummah of the Noble Prophet Muhammad that they should repent and avoid enmity, and that the leaders of the lands of Arkhabil should firmly resolve to eradicate the wickedness of the people of Sodom (LGBT) WITH WISDOM.

Oh Ahmad, indeed I hear the rumbling of the sky as a sign of Allah's wrath towards those who exceed limits. The guardians of the Holy Prophet's tomb should tighten their vigilance, for indeed, those who exceed limits will again attempt subtle ways to open the tomb. Indeed, they will encounter Allah's wrath if they do so. Truly, they are spreading slander and plotting to take over the city of Madinah.

Oh Ahmad, prepare yourself on the day **, date **, and month ** of this year. Indeed, Allah has commanded me to bring you to that city and draw a boundary around your noble Grandfather's tomb so that the wicked will not be able to see it, and some of those who forcefully try will go mad and perish.

Oh Ahmad, inform those who are performing Hajj and Umrah this year to be patient in the cities of Mecca and Madinah. Let them not be arrogant or bring anger and hatred when approaching the Ka'bah and your Grandfather's tomb after you have marked it with the staff in your hand, so that they may be safe from Allah's wrath at that time. And Allah will protect your followers during Hajj and Umrah this year. Indeed, I will be there with them.

Oh Ahmad, also prepare yourself. Indeed, the rich BG in the western land, who is arrogant and thinks he can dominate the world, wants to prove his intelligence exceeds the Qur'an and your news. Prepare yourself and your garments. Allah has asked me to take you to his land. Strike your staff and lift your hand to the sky, and proclaim: Who is able to ward off the heat storm and disaster in his country...? Indeed, Allah intends to disgrace the arrogant with their tools only with 'wood' and stone in your hand.

Oh Ahmad, he will find nothing in the depths of the earth except destruction with their tools, until they witness the greatness of Allah upon their land. Indeed, they think they have conquered the world. No... Not at all. They are actually digging their own graves and building a hole into hell for themselves.

Oh Ahmad, lift your hand to the sky... Until the mountains in their land tremble... As an initial warning before Allah truly sends disaster upon their land."

Ahmad Al-Makhfiy
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