Allah Shows His Justice and His Punishment is Severe

Allah Shows His Justice and His Punishment is Severe

Allah Shows His Justice and His Punishment is Severe

On June 23, 2024

Allah Shows His Justice and His Punishment is Severe

Prophet Khidr (AS) came to me and said:

"O Ahmad, rise, ignore your pain, sit down, listen, and write.

You must truly carry out Allah's commands on that land so that the animals within you may find happiness, and do not let your wives be burdened in caring for them. Indeed, behind every fatigue and exhaustion lies hidden wisdom and blessings. Truly, Allah loves His servants who are sincere and patient. Do not let them rejoice over Allah’s help in bringing down and destroying someone who has slandered you. Indeed, this is only a warning to others to repent and immediately improve themselves before Allah’s real punishment befalls them.

O Ahmad, no one who oppresses another with their tongues and hands is left without recompense from Allah in this world and the hereafter. Indeed, Allah is Most Just and Most Wise, allowing the oppressors to laugh until they reach the sky and shake the earth, then they gape, and their eyes widen when Allah shows His Supreme Justice and Severe Punishment. Such is the state of the one who oppresses you when facing the agony of death for three days until entering the painful torment of the grave.

O Ahmad, disregard all that burdens your heart. Indeed, you are only a messenger of news and advice through writings and books that Allah has commanded you to write. Do not feel burdened and do not be afraid. Indeed, what you have written has made some people repent and return to the path of Allah, made women soften their hearts towards their children and spouses, and some are still struggling to become patient and sincere wives in carrying out their duties. Indeed, Allah praises women who strive to guard their tongues and themselves from anger and cover their modesty. And Iblis greatly hates women who repent and have soft hearts towards their spouses and children. Just as the women in your ship strive to fight anger and jealousy and strive to be gentle and wise towards their spouses and children.

O Ahmad, do not feel heavy-hearted if you travel without your spouse. Indeed, the next journey should truly be done with your friend. This is His command so that Allah truly pays attention to you without jealousy and so you truly act justly towards them. Indeed, Allah wants to test you and bring goodness and blessings to your wives. And do not let your children hinder your steps in striving in His path. And hasten to establish that high place as a place for you and your friends to draw closer to Allah for five, seven, eleven, and forty days. This is the practice of the people of old two or three times a year, and keep that place secret except to those loyal to you.

O Ahmad, do not reject what your followers wish to give you on that land. I have approached them, and there are 111 sincere people on your ship, most of them are women, and I have strengthened the structures of their homes by Allah's command until their homes are safe from storms and tremors that will come upon their lands. And teach the prayer that I taught you when you stand by the sea with your friend later so that your friend can teach it to all your loyal followers.

O Ahmad, Allah the Almighty has given a sign of the coming disaster due to the arrogance of the people of Sodom. Truly, inform your brother's family in that place, do not let them worry and fear because Allah has strengthened the structures of their homes and families. Indeed, the wooden staff in his hand is a sign of Allah's power over his land.

O Ahmad, prepare yourself to walk with me again, stay silent and just watch what I do in the western land before your friend arrives to carry out the mission with you. And the journey with your friend should be done with three or four men that I mentioned. Indeed, Allah wants to test you and your friends.

O Ahmad, calm your heart from questions about who you are and where you are. These questions come from people's curiosity. What is important for them to know is not who you are, but what you convey and write that they must understand. Ignore and continue to carry out your duties on your ship until the command from Allah comes for you to head to those two cities.

Ahmad Al-Makhfiy

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