God Will Silence The Lying Mouth

God Will Silence The Lying Mouth

God Will Silence The Lying Mouth

June 25, 2024 (Tuesday)

God Will Silence The Lying Mouth

After the Fajr prayer, I fell asleep and dreamt. Then Prophet Khidr (AS) woke me from my sleep and said:

"Rise, O ** **, and be patient with what you will face today. Remember that we have no rights over ourselves or each other except the rights of Allah. And there are no deeds except those done by His command.

O Ahmad, some people in the end times in your land (the Nusantara region) talk about me and some feel they know me, and some are eloquent and skilled in discussing religious knowledge and divinity.

Yet I find arrogance and ignorance in them when they mention my name, and I find pride and love of the world when they speak about religion and divinity.

Indeed, they will meet me before Allah for the assumptions and statements their tongues have uttered. Some even dare to say in front of their students that they have spoken and met with me, and that I spoke to them in Aramaic.

Indeed, lies from their tongues and the ignorance of their followers! I have heard that Allah will silence their mouths with a disease in their necks and chests for their lies. Take heed!

O Ahmad, the sun always shines, sometimes hidden by clouds. People always seek the sun and need its light but never understand the deeper meaning of its light. Some worship it, and some ignore it as commonplace.

Without gratitude and without praising its Creator, truly the state of the waliyullah (friends of Allah) in the end times is like the sun, which if it disappears, mankind and nature will perish.

O Ahmad, if a piece of gold or a gem is placed on the eyelid, it will appear as just glass, seeming worthless. However, if it is worn as an ornament on the hand or neck of another, it will appear beautiful and valuable. This is how it is when someone is close to the waliyullah, unaware of how precious and noble they are, holding and embracing the gold and gems near them.

O Ahmad, keep walking without paying attention to the deafening howls of dogs, until you reach the peak of success with your boat. Truly, Allah has promised for the souls who are calm, patient, and sincere in carrying out their duties, happiness in this world with peace of heart and eternal happiness in the hereafter with peace and eternal joy in paradise.

Do not doubt in your steps, for doubt means there is still love for the world in your heart. Do not feel weary and tired, for weariness and tiredness are caused by the temptations of the soul and Satan who want you to stop at the crossroads and then fall back down.

O Ahmad, I have come to bring you cleansing water that Allah wants you to drink and use to cleanse your entire body, so that your heart may be cool amidst the howls of dogs (slanders) who will be ensnared by their own tongues, and Allah will show you the end of their howls. Do not be sad or afraid. They are digging their own destruction.

O Ahmad, do not limit yourself to the Ummah who love you, just as your noble grandfather, Prophet Muhammad, served his Ummah. Do not feel burdened by the attitude of the Ummah on your boat. Among them are those who only seek proof and worldly gain. This person is waiting for your greeting and call. Hold on!

Until he understands that all his intentions and words have reached your ears, for I am commanded by Allah to hear their intentions and words. Truly, Allah is All-Knowing of every creature's heart. Just carry out Allah's commands and the rules that Allah has set, which I have taught you. And do not feel burdened.

O Ahmad, invite your father to the seashore along with your wife and child, and with one of your followers. This will please those who love you in the highest realms (Illiyyin), bringing happiness to your mother's heart and elevating her rank and some of your followers.

Truly, your patience in facing your father has received praise from the heavens, and your love for your father and forgiveness for him is happiness for your mother in the honoredIlliyyin.

O Ahmad, calm your heart. Truly, Allah delays the arrival of your new followers because there is not yet a good firmness in you towards your followers.

Be patient. When you stand and watch your father and child playing on the beach, the earth will welcome with vibrations and the sky will send down rain as a sign of Allah's love for you. Afterward, great warriors will come to your boat. Fulfill your duties and ignore the mockers.

O Ahmad, Allah has recorded in my scroll your four companions, and 27 women who have the same rank as your four companions in Allah's view. Allah has informed me of 20 men in the land of Malacca (Malaysia) who have sincerely walked with you all this time, and two men in the small land (Brunei) who will come with sincerity.

Be patient with them. And Allah will help you in answering all their questions. O Ahmad, write, and the blessings from Allah will come to those who have been loyal to you since the first end-time sermon until today, after they have passed their tests well.

-Ahmad F. bin Abdullah Alwie Syams-

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