Descendants of Prophet Adam a.s Who Sincerely Boarded the Boat of Prophet Noah a.s

Descendants of Prophet Adam a.s Who Sincerely Boarded the Boat of Prophet Noah a.s

Descendants of Prophet Adam a.s Who Sincerely Boarded the Boat of Prophet Noah a.s

June 26, 2024 (Wednesday)

Descendants of Prophet Adam a.s. Who Sincerely Boarded the Boat of Prophet Noah a.s

Prophet Khidr AS took me to a beautifully coloured hill, and he said:

"O Ahmad, sit down and listen, and write down the news that I will convey about those who sincerely boarded the ark of my brother Noah, namely from some of the descendants of Prophet Adam AS who were obedient.

O Ahmad, after Adam AS was sent down to the world, Allah, through the Angel Gabriel, began to teach Adam four languages that became the main languages for the descendants of Adam AS (HAB, KABI, SYITS, and SUWA). At first, Adam AS spoke Sama'iy (a language similar to the Qur'an with only slight differences) as did Eve, both of whom understood the language between each other.

Then Allah commanded Adam to teach a special language to Habil, which became the HAB language, to Kabil the KABI language, the WAD language, the YAGHITS language, the SYITS language, the SUWA language, and the NASHR language. Thus, Adam recognized the descendants from the languages they used. Indeed, the Aramaic (Syriac) language was created 100 years after the death of Noah AS.

O Ahmad, then when Allah sent Prophet Noah AS, several descendants of the children of Adam came and followed the call of Prophet Noah AS. The first to help and join Noah's ark were the descendants of SYITS AS, followed by the descendants of HABIL and QABIL.

Until Allah again commanded Prophet Noah (peace be upon him) to pair them and procreate (pairing with the children of Prophet Noah AS), until they occupied the three parts of the earth again (South, West, and East) as a new civilization and became new nations.

O Ahmad, indeed 'desire' and the devil did not allow the descendants of Noah AS to remain servants of Allah who are pious for long, until hundreds of Prophets and Messengers were sent by Allah to all peoples.

However, in every era, there were always those who denied the messengers, until Allah sent down punishment upon them, and Allah fulfilled His promise to the whole universe by sending the last Prophet and Messenger, namely your noble grandfather, Prophet Muhammad AS.

O Ahmad, indeed in your time, the success of the devil and the followers of Dajjal has become evident, who deceive and divide the Ummah of the noble Prophet Muhammad, and the followers of Dajjal with their technology allow many liars to be known by people, but block the path for the scholars who are knowledgeable and wise in conveying their knowledge.

Indeed, the people of the end times have shown their ignorance and will easily be subdued by Dajjal and his followers because their hearts are full of envy, jealousy, and hatred, and in their hearts, they love worldly pleasures.

O Ahmad, if a strand of the noble Prophet Muhammad's hair is then compared with the hair of his descendants, does that make his descendants pure?

No! Indeed, the blood of the noble Prophet Muhammad and his descendants is not the same. The descendants of the noble Prophet Muhammad can be closer to hell or closer to the paradise of Allah because of their comfort in life in this world, and how strongly they hold onto the rope of Allah and fulfil the trust of the Messenger of Allah.

O Ahmad, indeed those who exceed the limits in the world with arrogance and ignorance, their place is hell. And no one is given a reward except for what they have done in the world, the good end is Allah's paradise for those who are patient and pious, and not for those with impure and dirty hearts.

O Ahmad, an old piece of cloth is worthless in front of people compared to a beautiful piece of silk. However, an old piece of cloth is still purer and more beautiful in the sight of Allah than a piece of silk worn by a righteous man.

This is an analogy for those who are knowledgeable but full of arrogance and love of the world in their hearts. Indeed, in your time, scholars only socialize with those who praise them, and then engage in harsh debates with those who are not with them. Indeed, they have been afflicted with a heart disease until the truth only reaches their tongue, but their hearts are far from Allah's mercy.

O Ahmad, strike your staff here again. And prostrate yourself. Ask for what you want to ask, until I become a witness over you and over all your hopes and prayers.

I hold the names of your followers, which I will not show to you. They always shed tears when you tell stories about the struggle of the noble Prophet Muhammad, and there are still many tears of longing for the Prophet in the world. Indeed, if there were no tears of longing for the noble Prophet Muhammad from the Ummah, surely Allah would have destroyed all the contents of the world.

O Ahmad, write down... May the Ummah of the noble Prophet Muhammad realize that they are drowning in the deceptions of the devil and Dajjal. And may the Ummah of the noble Prophet Muhammad soon become His servants who are loving and love each other for the sake of Allah and the Messenger of Allah.

O Ahmad, convey this and continue to strive with those who are faithful, do not disappoint those who long for your greeting, and do not limit yourself. Indeed, the noble Prophet Muhammad is watching over you."

Ahmad F. bin Abdullah Alwie Syams

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