Do you know End of Time Slander?

Do you know End of Time Slander?

Do you know End of Time Slander?

July 1, 2024

Do you know End of Time Slander?

Prophet Khidr AS came to me this morning. He said:

"O Ahmad, sit and listen, and write down what I will convey. Indeed, Allah wants to cleanse the daughter of your friend from the influence of the devil's horn, and she should fast Ayyamul Abyad (Yumul Bed) as Adam cleansed himself from his mistake. And you should return to the place where I wanted to meet you, but you were asleep. Indeed, Allah has given you the strength to drive your own vehicle without fear and fatigue. Complete your journey.

O Ahmad, allow your brother Handri to walk with you and with the brother who has invited him because you once told him, indeed that will bring blessings and goodness upon both of them. Handri will be established by Allah as the best teacher for your friend's son, and he will become a scholar whose heart Allah strengthens in receiving insults and slander until he reaches a high rank.

O Ahmad, indeed in the wives of your friends there is the light of blessings for your friends. Indeed, Allah has placed nobility in their hearts and trials in their behavior and speech (the wives). They are not the leaders who guide, but it is your friends who struggle to lead their hearts (to become patient leaders) and guide them to the path of Allah.

O Ahmad, indeed among your followers there are those who wonder, why are we in this boat...? 

Say, indeed Allah does not compel, but Allah provides the question, are they seeking Him (Allah) or are they seeking you (Ahmad) in this boat? 

If they seek you in the wide field, they will find an impermanent bamboo among the sources of water and the wide field. But if they seek Allah among them (the field and the source of water), they will find a vast and fertile field with various fruits they can pick and taste. That is the parable from Allah for His servants who understand in every age.

O Ahmad, indeed Allah once destroyed Baitul Makmur Himself due to His anger and partly because of His mercy, before Allah created humans. The first time, Allah hurled stones from the sky until the valley of Bakkah (Mecca) was formed. It was the period of 1000 years when Azazil (Iblis) was raised to the first heaven until the rebellious and destructive group of Jinn was exterminated. Then Allah placed a stone from the sky (a stone from the Garden of Paradise) that was white and glowing and built a high building as a guide between the east and the west until Adam and Hawa were reunited in a vast field (Arafah). Indeed, that stone (Hajar Aswad) will not be destroyed by fire, will not sink in water, and will not be destroyed by a blow. It becomes a guide for the coming strength of the followers of the noble Prophet Muhammad in the end times.

Indeed, the second time Allah flooded the entire surface of the earth (in the time of Prophet Noah AS), that place (Ka'bah) Allah established its foundation until Ibrahim came as a Prophet who was ordered by Allah to build a building with doors facing east and west as a sign of Allah's power and the sign of the migration of Ismail Bin Ibrahim. Indeed, those who changed the door of Baitul Makmur are those who came later. Allah saves anyone in that valley from thefitnah of the end times. Indeed, a great fitnah will make those who exceed the limits obedient and submissive to the followers of Dajjal.

O Ahmad, do you know the fitnah of the end times? 

Listen and write it down so that the followers of the noble Prophet Muhammad in your time understand it. Indeed, the damage that humans experience in the land of Arkhabil (Nusantara) is evident: the immorality of the Sadum people (LGBT) and the immorality in the hands of the people of the end times who are negligent (with mobile phones), creating fornication, enmity, and the ignorance of the scholars, and the presence of ignorant satanic guardians followed by rational and knowledgeable people. Indeed, the creators of these devices limit the true scholars, and Satan has truly closed the hearts of the people of the end times from the teachings of the true scholars on these devices, but opens the eyes and pleasure of mankind to immorality and the ignorance of satanic guardians on these devices. Until the worshippers of Dajjal are free to deceive subtly and entice lust in them.

O Ahmad, have they, the followers of your noble grandfather Muhammad, forgotten...? That hubbudunya (love of the world) is the source of all errors...? So that they race to maintain positions and ranks with vile deeds.? And some deceive one another for fame and wealth. Some claim to receive guidance from Allah and some feel superior to others. Some become indifferent to each other, and some strategize and fight while their hearts are inclined to the desire to control three holy cities (Mecca, Medina, and Al-Aqsa Mosque). If the kings and those in power over the holy land of Mecca feel their wealth and fortresses and weapons are stronger than Allah's help, indeed they will not be able to protect the three holy cities from the strategies and forces coming from the west and around their land. Indeed, they will be blind and deaf to the traitors within their city. Have they forgotten the warning from your grandfather before...? That the noble Prophet Muhammad has hinted at the coming of a force that thinks there is a lot of wealth beneath the building of the Ka'bah? Until the noble Prophet seemed to see the stones of the Ka'bah being destroyed one by one by someone...? Indeed, the words of your grandfather are a warning of the coming of those who want to control the three holy cities as part of the fitnah of the end times.

O Ahmad, do not worry about the loyalty of your followers. Indeed, they have resolved to stand and fight with you. Say to them, indeed Allah is the Almighty over them, and only to Allah should their purpose be. Let them truly maintain their repentance and be patient with all the trials and tribulations that come. Indeed, the reality of the trials and tribulations that Allah inflicts upon His servants is Allah's way of erasing their past sins and Allah's way of educating them to become His patient and sincere servants, who in the end Allah strengthens and soothes their hearts. Allah opens a way out for them from every problem if they are servants who are steadfast in patience and piety."

-Ahmad Al-Makhfy Bin Abdullah Alwi Syam-

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