The Tests Experienced by the Prophets According to Prophet Khidr a.s

The Tests Experienced by the Prophets According to Prophet Khidr a.s

The Tests Experienced by the Prophets According to Prophet Khidr a.s


July 6, 2024

The Tests Experienced by the Prophets According to Prophet Khidr a.s

Prophet Khidr AS came to me and said, "Oh Ahmad, I have indeed heard about your current state and sense your undiminished spirit.

Oh Prophet of Allah Khidr, you were a prophet during the time of Prophet Zulkarnain, and lived during the era of several prophets until the time of the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him), and even until now. I would first like to ask how the prophets faced all the trials that came, including illness.

Then Prophet Khidr AS fell silent and covered his head with his turban, then said:

"Oh Ahmad, the prophets are just like other humans, feeling pain and suffering, but the prophets always have good thoughts and detach themselves, whether in sickness or in health. The prophets also need shelter and food, but they are those who are obedient to the commands of Allah. Everything they do is by Allah's command, and the prophets are strong in carrying out Allah's commands in any condition. Allah has bestowed the light of prophethood upon the hearts of every prophet, so their hearts are always connected to the Lord of all worlds, filled with love, hope, certainty, and good thoughts towards Allah for all His decrees. Their souls and the light of their hearts reach 'Baitul Ma'mur in every layer of the heavens up to the floor of the Throne' of Allah. And the Angel Jibril always watches over them by Allah's permission, and the Angel Jibril becomes the intermediary for Allah to speak to His prophets.

Oh Ahmad, truly, those who lie using my name and the names of other prophets, who lie using the name of Angel Jibril and others... indeed, they are building a palace of fire within themselves. Among them is someone who is mentally ill, abandoned by his beloved, shunned by his friends, and in a state of poverty, who sins daily with his hands. Truly, his state is only a plaything for the devils in his heart. And some are praised by their followers; indeed, Allah has prepared punishment for them in this world and they will be in the 'left' group on the Day of Judgement.

Oh Ahmad, truly above the sky and below the earth, Allah is preparing a great warning. You should avoid your city in the month of **, for they will rejoice for only a few days... Then Allah will bring a great flood and upheaval upon it.

Oh Ahmad, haven't they (the scientists) witnessed the truth about the news you conveyed? That is, about the vast waters above the sky? Haven't they found the truth about the news you brought about the sun and the moon orbiting the earth? And witnessed the moon splitting in two? Whereas the news about all this was long before they knew it? Truly, those who insult you and consider you a liar are my enemies and the enemies of Allah. Later, they will witness the truth about me and you in their graves... Truly after this news, they will find nothing but anxiety and misery befalling them. Do not feel guilty, for they are indeed lower and more despicable than a donkey that hits filth.

Oh Ahmad, indeed Allah is the one who elevates the rank of His servants or lowers them, not by clothes, not by tongues, and not by writings or pictures that the liars are proud of. Truly, what the liars do is a sign of the devil in their hearts.

Oh Ahmad, truly Allah has promised you a vast piece of land, and Allah intends to give you authority over other vast lands in that place. Your followers should maintain their morals, piety, and faith in their hearts. Hasn't Allah shown His help to your followers by the sea? And helped some of your followers from the arrogant people? If they turn away, truly they return to the embrace of the devils.

Oh Ahmad, some scholars in your country say that you are a liar who is still shy to reveal himself... Truly their tongues are not like the tongues of learned scholars. They are merely a group of worldly scholars with foul tongues. Truly, it is not you whose disgrace will be revealed, but they who insult the news you bring... Truly Allah knows well His oppressed servants, and Allah's punishment is severe for His knowledgeable servants who have foul tongues and hard hearts."

Ahmad F Alwie Syams

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