3 Groups of Scholars in the Records of the Guardian Angels of Hell

3 Groups of Scholars in the Records of the Guardian Angels of Hell

3 Groups of Scholars in the Records of the Guardian Angels of Hell

On July 9, 2024

3 Groups of Scholars in the Records of the Guardian Angels of Hell

Prophet Khidr AS visited me during my journey around Central Java since last Friday and said:

"O Ahmad, do the people around you not understand the wrath of Allah upon the land and what will come from the sky, while the immorality of the people of 'Sadum' (LGBT) continues to be ignored and some officials protect them? They will find nothing but destruction and ruin due to Allah's wrath, which will come from high waters (dams), from the sky (storms and droughts), and from the mountains and seas. Allah will not bring peace to the earth unless they understand, repent, and cleanse their lands from the people of Sadum.

O Ahmad, indeed Hell has recognized three groups of scholars in the records of the Guardian Angels of Hell.

The first group consists of those who remain silent about immorality and feel safe and secure near the rulers, while some of the rulers in your country ignore the immorality of the people of Sadum, gambling, and adultery, even benefiting from these immoralities.

The second group is those who claim to be scholars and are considered knowledgeable while they are ignorant, commit shirk (associating partners with Allah), and have hardened hearts, causing division and arguing without knowledge, while the knowledgeable ones support and protect them, leading to chaos among the people and distancing them from wisdom and intelligence.

The third group is those who deceive the people by claiming to be guardians and protectors of the poor and orphans, but they seek worldly gain from the wealth of the poor and orphans entrusted to them. As a result, the orphans and poor under their care are not given attention to their future and remain poor without a good and proper solution in the eyes of Allah.

Indeed, they (these three groups) will be the foremost on the Day of Judgment, and they will be the first to occupy the lowest and most humiliating part of Hell.

O Ahmad, indeed, the heart of someone in your boat is noble, who was tested with harsh advice but realized his mistakes and apologized to me in his prayers. Indeed, Razali prayed, and I was informed by Allah to listen to his prayers. A young man from Madiun who follows you is someone Allah will place in the same rank as the news I conveyed before they came to you. If they are patient and carry out their duties solely for Allah, honour their parents, their wives, and take care of their children's future, indeed, they are among those promised by Allah to be in your boat along with 40 philanthropists who will come, who will not be impoverished until the Day of Judgment.

O Ahmad, indeed, Allah asks me to pay attention to your steps and some of your followers during this journey, and Allah hopes they understand everything that happens during it. Indeed, they do not ask for anything except by Allah's will, and they do not gain honorunless they understand the wisdom behind the trials during the journey with you.

O Ahmad, just as those scholars who do not believe in Allah steal news from the sky from you, some of them have begun to study and try to understand the news from you. Some scholars are also paying attention to the news you convey about the position of the Sun, Moon, and Earth. Indeed, if they use their intellect and hearts without arrogance, they will find the secrets of the Quran's glory within it. Is a horse running at night without its owner the same as a horse running at night with its master, even if partially blindfolded? That is their condition without the Quran and those who ignore the news you convey. They will find nothing but hatred towards you, thinking the news you write comes from 'your hands and mind.'

If they are the smart people in your country, write a story about Prophet Khizba whom Allah sent to your land and some surrounding lands. Which came first, Prophet Khizba or Prophet Noah AS? Do they think Khizba is the name of one prophet or several prophets? Do they think no prophet was ever sent to the land of Arkhabil (Nusantara)? They will surely know if they are people who receive guidance. Allah knows best what they are arrogant about and what they assume. The haters of your news do not humiliate you and me; they are arrogant, envious ones in the solitude of the life issues they face, thinking they are closer to Allah with the arrogance and pride they show. In fact, they are not hurting you and me; they are falling into the abyss of humiliation and heart disease.

O Ahmad, be patient. Indeed, Allah will give a high rank to those who believe, are pious, and are patient. Indeed, Allah wants to open the eyes of those who read your book (JawahirulMakhfiyyah) with sincerity and purity of heart and mind until they understand and find the 'hidden gems' that Allah has stored within it as adornments of noble character. Indeed, Allah wants to elevate the ranks of some scholars in the land of Malacca if they read and understand it."

Ahmad F Al MakhfyBin Abdullah Alwi Syam

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