About The Two Prohibitions Regarding Pork

About The Two Prohibitions Regarding Pork

About The Two Prohibitions Regarding Pork

21 June 2024

About The Two Prohibitions Regarding Pork

Nabi Khidir AS came to me and he said:

“O Ahmad, is pork forbidden (haram)?” I replied, “I do not know, O Prophet of Allah.” He repeated this question three times, and each time I replied, “I do not know, O Prophet of Allah.” The Prophet of Allah smiled and then said:

“O Ahmad, Allah the Almighty has tested me with your answer, even though you know that according to Islamic law, pork is forbidden for Muslims to eat. Truly, I, Khidr, praise your answer, just as I was once permitted by Allah to ask Imam Anas bin Malik after he had just finished his gathering explaining the contents of his book. He answered, “I do not know,” to every question I asked him. Imam Malik’s answer showed a commendable attitude and noble character. He answered this way because he had just taught a few pages of his book, and I was not his student, having only just heard his teachings. This means that I had not read his book, so how could he explain and answer my questions? This demonstrated a high level of humility and cautiousness from a companion of the Messenger of Allah SAW.

“O Ahmad, write about the two prohibitions regarding pork, which are: 

  1. Pork is haram according to Islamic law to be eaten by the Ummah of the Noble Prophet Muhammad until the end of time, as decreed in the Qur'an, and every part of the pig is forbidden.
  2. The second prohibition is that it is haram for the Ummah of the Noble Prophet Muhammad to keep and trade pigs, and it is also haram to insult, torture, and kill them cruelly. If they need to hunt and reduce the number of pigs that damage crops, they should do so in the best manner without causing unnecessary suffering.“

"These are the two prohibitions that Allah has decreed for the pig, which is a test for those who understand."

“O Ahmad, do you know that all the contents of the Qur'an contain two things that you must understand: the first is to glorify Allah and the second is to show compassion towards all of Allah's creatures.

“O Ahmad, prepare yourself and establish your place, so that the building becomes a place that brings a lot of blessings and goodness within it. Do not be afraid or doubtful, for the people who are with you are those chosen by Allah to strive with you. Until Allah brings more people like them, becoming the best examples in the end times, leaving the best legacy for your descendants and theirs. Truly this is better than debates that cause delays.

“O Ahmad, truly Allah will open a path in the heavens and the earth so that all those who mock you will understand it.”

Ahmad Al Makhkfy

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