God wants to show the story of Abu Lahab again

God wants to show the story of Abu Lahab again

God wants to show the story of Abu Lahab again

June 20, 2024

God wants to show the story of Abu Lahab again

Prophet Khidr AS came to me this morning. He said:

"O Ahmad, promptly fulfil your responsibilities today. After giving one cow and eleven goats to those whom Allah has determined to have the right to receive them, Allah will accept your promise as sincerity. Just as you said you would not touch (eat) the sacrificial meat as long as there are poor people who cannot enjoy it, do not let yourself forget it.

O Ahmad, the sacrificial animals you carry, which are entrusted from your ship, are the best that was once done by your noble Grandfather Muhammad, who sacrificed animals with a prayer so that the reward of the sacrifice would be for the people in your ship as a whole. Indeed, the noble Prophet Muhammad did it in the past.

O Ahmad, maintain your patience towards your wives and children and those under your responsibility. Truly, I, Khidr, hear the heavens glorify and the earth praise Allah and pray for you for your patience in facing the slanderous tongue of your uncle. Indeed, Allah intends to show again a story that once happened to your noble Grandfather, the Prophet Muhammad SAW, whose uncle was very kind during his childhood but, after the noble Prophet Muhammad was appointed as Prophet and Messenger, he (Abu Lahab) greatly hated and slandered him with a tongue full of envy and lies, causing those who hated the noble Prophet Muhammad to be swayed by Abu Lahab's vile slander and conspiracy.

Be patient... And do not hesitate or fear to write it down... Write it down so that they realize and repent by clearing your name from the lies and slander they have committed, or they continue in their vile lies and slander until Allah proves His promise and shuts their mouths with dirt. Do not be afraid to write this down until Allah proves His promise to His patient servants.

O Ahmad, look at Allah's promise to you who are patient and restrain yourself from all slander; is it you who are destroyed and suffering? No... It is they who every day bear the pain because the disease in their hearts grows and grows... Hasn't Allah fulfilled His promise to you, that after you carry the burden of trust in the month of Hajj and fulfil your obligations with the sacrificial animals entrusted by your followers, and your duty to visit the land that will belong to you and your ship, after that Allah will destroy someone who hates and slanders you with vile insults. Then in his grave, the Angel explains all his mistakes and Allah will inflict severe punishment on him for his disbelief and oppression during his life. Truly Allah will show you his condition later after four days you fulfil your duty to cover the deficiencies of your brothers and sisters... Indeed, his (the slanderer's) condition will be a warning to others, just as the warning upon Abu Lahab who swallowed disappointment because the defender, he was proud of met a humiliating death.

O Ahmad, never show your pain and anger in receiving insults and slander, and do not show fatigue and weariness to those who love you... because they will surely be saddened and shed tears that break their hearts...

Show your smile to those who love you and be a servant of Allah who is steadfast and brings joy to anyone who loves you... because your smile and cheerfulness will make them happy and proud of you and make them strong in facing all trials and challenges with you in every step of your journey with them. That is truly a servant of Allah who has a "qolbunsalim" and who receives the Light of the noble Prophet Muhammad.

Ahmad Al-Makhfiy

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