4 pieces of advice and 4 warnings to 4 friends

4 pieces of advice and 4 warnings to 4 friends

4 pieces of advice and 4 warnings to 4 friends

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May 10, 2024.

"4 pieces of advice and 4 warnings to 4 friends."

The Prophet Khidr AS visited me today, after a long absence. He said:

"Oh Ahmad, sit down and listen, for I have met with your four friends at a mosque in Central Java while they were walking with you. I advised them with four pieces of advice and four warnings. Write them down so they may remember.

The first: They should always strengthen their faith in Allah, and not forget to remember Him. Allah is the One and Only Lord.

The second: They should remember two things: patience and strength in achieving happiness in this world, and patience and strength in preparing for the Hereafter.

The third: They should remember three forms of sincerity, which are the path to inner peace and happiness: sincerity in accepting all decrees of Allah, sincerity in living life (in work/business), sincerity in righteous deeds (doing good, charity, and spending in the way of Allah).

The fourth: They should fulfill four rights upon themselves: the right of the body, the right of the soul, the right to give the best to their lawful spouses, and the right of their descendants.

Oh Ahmad, they should heed these four warnings:

The first: They should never underestimate any of Allah's blessings but with gratitude to Allah and by setting aside some of their wealth for the poor and orphans. This will elevate their status in this world and the Hereafter, as Allah has decreed their status when they were with me in the mosque. They should not degrade themselves to the lowest status in the eyes of Allah by being miserly and stingy.

The second: They should never forget the rights of their lawful spouses and children, for they will never find peace and happiness if they neglect them.

The third: They will not find blessings in their endeavors if they neglect charity, spending, and paying zakat after Allah has facilitated their endeavors.

The fourth: Happiness and blessings will not come if they are divided and separated only because of anger and greed, arrogance, and avarice.

Oh Ahmad, they are indeed your best friends, whom Allah has brought to you. Let your heart cast away doubt, for surely Allah will bring victory to someone who comes with your friends from Pa***ng, who will come with a wise and righteous woman as his companion to lead a place in your country, unless they have doubts about you in their hearts as they approach the day of victory.

Oh Ahmad, have they not noticed when Allah asked you to strike your staff upon those lands? Until now, they are competing to create coolness and to fulfill the water needs in their homes. Surely the heat in their lands will worsen until you execute Allah's next command in the month of ****.

Oh Ahmad, do not worry or be sad just because I haven't visited you for a few days. I do not hate you when you reject my advice; rather, your rejection is natural, and indeed, it is what Allah expects. For at that moment, I test your intellect and heart to see if you can choose what is best for you.

Oh Ahmad, strike your staff again on *** of this month so they may tremble again with the burning warnings.

Ahmad Al-Makhfiy

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