The Truth of Power and Happiness

The Truth of Power and Happiness

The Truth of Power and Happiness

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May 12, 2024

The Truth of Power and Happiness

Prophet Khidr visited me again.. After I spoke with my eight council companions..

 He said:

"O Ahmad, I have just met your grandfather in a dream after I performed my obligations (the "Istighfar and prostration prayers" that Prophet Khidr AS always practiced). 

He asked me to convey some advice that he mentioned in my dream.. And some advice for yourself keep and practice secretly., and Write down my words and practice them to the best of your ability, and convey them to your grandfather ummah.

"O Ummat of the Noble Prophet Muhammad, don’t get tired of forcing yourself to be patient in carrying out all of Allah's commands and avoiding His prohibitions. Truly, you will not reach the peak of a mountain without forcing yourselves to climb and forcing yourselves to be wise and clever in facing all obstacles and hindrances on the journey to its peak. 

Because, Allah is the Most High and Most Noble, most of your prayers and worship are like asking Allah to "come down" and pay attention to you, whereas the essence of taqwa ( piety ) is that you must climb the high degrees even though it's tiring and difficult, keep climbing, until Allah's love and compassion can touch you and the light of His Mercy envelops you.  

O Ummat of the Noble Prophet Muhammad, it is not they (the rich and the ranks of the world) who belittle you, but you must understand that the essence of nobility is not at the doors of their houses (the wealthy and the officials), but the essence of nobility is to draw near to the One who bestows nobility and happiness.. If you are close to the Almighty (Allah azza wa jalla), surely Allah will grant power and happiness in His own way..

Achieve power and happiness with taqwa (piety) and steadfastness in conducting lawful and good business and work, avoid actions that open yourselves to the seduction of desires and devil ( Satan ).

O Ummat of the Noble Prophet Muhammad, you should realize that the earth you tread belongs to Allah, and you live in a free land in your own countries, do not dig holes of misery by hating your fellow countrymen, especially fellow Muslims, and hating your leaders without understanding what they do, truly your condition is very bad in the sight of Allah, if you hate your own brothers just because of differences in opinions and different political groups in your countries, truly such actions will open wide paths for the enemies of Islam to destroy your countries and dominate them, have you forgotten the history of the downfall of the glory of Islamic kingdoms in the past and the history of colonization in your countries in the past..?

O Ummat of the Noble Prophet Muhammad, pay attention to the news conveyed by Ahmad Al-Makhfiy, it is not important for you to search and ask who Ahmad is, he is merely a warner, and not the one who gives power nor the giver of happiness.. Truly the grandson of the Noble Prophet Muhammad bears the title Al Makhfiy not Al Muzhohir, truly Allah is Most Wise in protecting the blood of Hasan As-Shibty who is always hunted and exiled.

O Ahmad, Write down his advice.. So that you and those who sincerely read and practice it may be safe. Truly there is no happiness for a servant except in performing righteous deeds and attaining Noble Degrees in the sight of Allah Azza wa jalla.

Let yourself and the Ummat of the Noble Prophet Muhammad not feel tired in performing righteous deeds and doing good to others, if the good you do to someone is forgotten and humiliated or even despised by that person, do not feel angry or hurt. Because Allah is Most Wise and Most Knowing, He will repay your goodness in His own way.. Allah's gaze does not escape from your good deeds, and Allah is the One who bestows happiness and blessings..

Do not tire of being a good person, for Allah's Paradise is full of His sincere and patient servants in doing good.

Ahmad Al-Makhfiy
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