Unprediction Lunar Eclipse

Unprediction Lunar Eclipse

Unprediction Lunar Eclipse

Tuesday, March 26, 2024

Unprediction Lunar Eclipse

Prophet Khidr said to me,

"O Ahmad, it truly appears that most people only consider what is conveyed to them as mere conjecture. And most of them are deceived by the cleverly crafted devices of the people, so that they think the lunar eclipse indeed occurs.

O Ahmad, they only presume that what they say to refute you brings them pleasure and is prevalence. Indeed, later what they say will be with delusion and desire to refute the news you convey, and some just want to belittle what you say.

O Ahmad, do they desire for their paths to be blocked by water and soil? Do they wish for their festivals ( Hari Raya ) in your homeland to be filled with water and mud that obstruct and cover all their lands and houses? Truly, what you convey is from me, Khidr bin Malkan, which I received from Allah, the Exalted, a long time ago.

O Ahmad, I’m really happy when you are here (Mount Gede), indeed they no longer pay attention to the darkness of the sky this evening... Didn't you tell it a few years ago that new mountains and wells (lakes or craters) would emerge in your homeland? Really they will not suspect it.

O Ahmad, it is Allah who is Most Seeing and Most Severe in His Punishment. Remain on this mountain and observe and be patient. Truly, it is a bad state for those who deny it."

-Ahmad F Abdullah Alwie Syams-

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