The Secret of 'Yaa Siin'

The Secret of 'Yaa Siin'

The Secret of 'Yaa Siin'

On Friday, 29th March 2024,

The Secret of 'Yaa Siin'

Prophet Khidr came to me and said.

'O Ahmad, go back with the few followers that have been appointed to you. Indeed, if Allah reveals the meaning of "Yaa Siin" to you, and if the scholars and the liars deny it and consider you a liar, then they have indeed rejected the truth that comes from Allah, the Almighty.

O Ahmad, does not Allah open their eyes to what you convey with the proofs of His power that Allah has established and shown? Or do they persist in defending the liars out of shame and arrogance in their hearts?

Do they think that their lies will not be met with punishment from Allah in this world and the Hereafter?

If they truly receive news from me and Allah, can they hold back a solar eclipse or stop the eruption of a mountain in your land? Or delay the rising of the sun?

Indeed, the Messenger of Allah Muhammad has asked you to truly restrain yourself and be patient, and to set the best example by adorning yourself with noble character traits (Akhlakul Karimah).

And we plead with Allah not to immediately inform me of the meaning of 'Yaa Siin', and Allah has explained the meaning of 'Yaa Siin' to me and Allah asks me to urge you to write it down immediately.

Truly, the meaning of 'Yaa Siin', if Allah opens it due to His wrath, no one will be able to withstand His wrath, and your land will suffer greatly, and the liars will be greatly humiliated in their graves.

But if Allah opens the meaning of 'Yaa Siin' to me and you out of His love for the Ummah of the noble Prophet Muhammad, then it will bring goodness to your land.

Indeed, the sinful and hypocritical people, and some of the inhabitants of the land of ******* who lie and mislead the Ummah of the noble Messenger of Allah with their words of falsehood, Allah will truly inflict disasters upon them and shake the entire seas and lands until they think that the Day of Judgment is imminent.

O Ahmad, keep guarding your heart with Allah and keep following and obeying the advice of the noble Messenger Muhammad. Indeed, the noble Messenger Muhammad does not like you if your heart is doubtful and afraid, and if you are reluctant to convey what I am conveying.

May the Ummah of the noble Prophet Muhammad receive guidance and abandon their idols, namely the liars who attribute their lies to Allah and the noble Messenger Muhammad.

Ahmad F. bin Abdullah Alwie Syams

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